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Yiwu Christmas Sales in Full Swing

Yiwu Christmas Sales in Full Swing

The Christmas sales market like the summer temperature is hotter and hotter this year. July 25, Yiwu Christmas Industry Association Chen Jinlin told reporters that last year trade turnover is increasing the fastest of the year, but the current situation, this year turnover is expected to exceed last year, as Christmas goods industry, Yiwu the best year ever. 

"According to usual practice, Christmas in August is the period of export concentration, but no doubt this year's market for nearly two weeks in advance." Yiwu Christmas supplies dealers Hu introduced, whether it is Christmas trees, Christmas balls, or Christmas lights, wall ornaments, as long as doing that this year, and a race against time to have a kind of feeling, fear of late delivery. 

The reasons to order increases: on the one hand, some familiar customers increase purchasing orders; the other hand, some buyers placed orders too late last year, then suppliers  refused to get the orders last year, because of the limited capacity, so buyers gave the orders this year as soon as possible to meet the selling season in time. 

The situation of Christmas Accessories business, directly reflects the industry's sales prospect. At present, there are only 4 local professional companies in Yiwu, but the member number of the Christmas trade association is five. 

"This 5th is a Wenzhou enterprise, its products primarily through the Yiwu Market to digest." Chen Jinlin introduction, comprehensive look at the company's feedback, the amount of orders compared with last year, about 10% increase, "reflects to inferior manufacturers, indicating that we are in a hurry goods, finished products needed accessories. " 

With the volume of orders than expected, some manufacturers even need to find other processing companies to cooperate in order to complete your order. The reporter learned that a few days ago a Yiwu company received 20,000 medium-sized tree of the trade list, because of staff shortage, the last Christmas through trade associations, "swap" to split the order delivered to another enterprise to help production. 

Foreign procurement process is also a slight change this year. Previously, most of Europe and other places of merchants in Yiwu foreign trade companies by purchasing Christmas gifts, but this year buyers in these regions began to see the kind of person to Yiwu orders. 

"Europe and America, the United Kingdom, United States, Germany and other places of buyers to the more, the quality of their products are more value addition, orders come in person to bypass the middlemen, it can save a procurement costs, improve product local market price competitiveness. "Chen Jinlin said. 

According to customs statistics, Yiwu, now has a total clearance of 1351 tons, worth $ 7.64 million Christmas items, quantity and value respectively over last year, an increase of 12.2% and 51.9%. Christmas supplies to meet peak of the upcoming exit, Customs has also launched a Christmas merchandise exports accelerated program. 

According to reports, five or six years ago, the number of Yiwu Christmas supplies is more than 60 companies only, but now the registered companies with at least 500. The rapid increase of production scale, in addition to bringing the combined effect on the business, but also to Yiwu "Santa Claus" more worthy of the name. Currently, the European market 40%, 70% of the U.S. market are from Yiwu Christmas supplies, and supplies the domestic market share of Yiwu Christmas as much as 80%.

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