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Yiwu big market transport services

Yiwu big market transport services

This year is the history of transportation construction projects up Yiwu, the largest investment a year.

17 provincial key projects a total investment of 16.2 billion yuan, 1.56 billion yuan this year plans to complete; new rebuilt 58 rural roads, benefiting more than 100 rural; years International Trade City opened Towns in direct bus lines for the township by the merchants travel facilities; years to carry out the integration of urban and rural public transportation reform, urban and rural residents so that the benefits of development ... ... in Yiwu City Department of Transportation's Office of the Secretary Zhu Guojian desk, always placed a priority this year's transportation arrangements. Each task has a specific work schedule inverted, to complete a to tick off in the above number.

Speed up construction 

Generous construction of major projects

Yiwu City Department of Transportation Construction Management Section, Zheng Yaming particularly busy this year, almost every week a trip to Hangzhou , was quipped more than a "wife's mother home." In his hand, plans to hold four provincial key projects started. Primary contact for the project, he went to development and reform, land, transportation, environmental protection, water conservancy, agriculture, more than 10 provincial departments to project approval, to keep the project approval process.

Behind him, the more front-line staff transport system silently. To speed up the approval rate, Yiwu City Department of Transportation works inverted for each plan, with clear objectives, tasks, timeline and responsible person, interlocking, coordinated crucial.

Currently, 03 provincial reconstruction, and 37 provincial reconstruction, and 37 provincial public concern about the high three double-track the project feasibility study report has been approved by the province, through the preliminary design review, pending provincial approval, construction design launched simultaneously. What is gratifying is that by vigorously fighting for the transport sector, which make up three projects will receive provincial capital 700 million yuan, greatly easing pressure on financial investments in Yiwu.

In addition, the Zhejiang-Jiangxi railway station to Yiwu Cargo Village, Xu Yongjin exchange high-speed cable engineering breakthrough year and 50% to complete the embankment road works; Yiwu Pujiang secondary road construction to the climax, with a full line of Airport Road intersection node project is expected to be completed this year, the opening of the Fair; inland port station one of the main project will be basically completed during the year; to Wuyi Gong Road, Yiwu demonstration program to complement work already completed, to be approved by national and provincial programs, you can organize workers can be additional argument; to Lanxi Yiwu, Yiwu Yongkang roads to the preparation of 11 projects are carried out according to plan.

Quality service provider

The gradual integration of urban and rural public transport

September 11, Yiwu Railway Station to the River Express shuttle launch, which is the second class bus station, Yiwu, Dongyang direct line, Yiwu, another outcome of the regional transport cooperation, but also one of the measures to improve people travel.

In recent years, focusing on the coordinated development of urban and rural public transport, so that people share the fruits of development on the subject, Yiwu City Department of Transportation continue to explore. A draft by the council, "Integrated System for Urban and Rural Transit implementation of views" (draft) has been reported to Yiwu City , a bus-based reforms to public service is expected to soon roll out in Yiwu. According to Zhu Guojian introduced the idea of this reform is the "unified fare, unified model" of integration of urban and rural passenger transportation development strategy, led by the Government, the implementation of bus priority, and gradually integrated urban public transport and rural bus, urban bus will eventually , towns and rural feeder bus transit network operators into three levels, public transport bus operators network, so that township residents enjoy the same treatment as the city people.

For the convenience of township residents to market, business, shopping, Yiwu City Department of Transportation plans to set up a temporary parking lot of the way, address the transportation hub of international trade city, has not yet brought into the parking problems, open for international business city in the years to Buddha Tong, Chian, and on the river, righteousness kiosks Towns in the direct bus line to reduce the transfer of passengers these townships trouble.

In addition, following the opening of the township bus Niansanli small plane after mid-August, the temple has also set up a small bus and a small surface area, and greatly facilitate the travel of the township residents.

Sound sector

Yiwu City Department of Transportation Secretary Zhuguo Jian said that traffic itself is livelihood projects, each working with the economic and social development and people's lives. Around the "development of the transport and contributions, A Good When the vanguard" of the two mentioned created the theme of two activities, transportation system construction and services will seize the two main lines, on the one hand, pull the broad framework of Yiwu Traffic network, established "to ensure complete group to expedite the construction of a group, a group started as soon as possible, the momentum Customsclearance group, advance the implementation of a group, pay close attention to reserve a number of "rolling-building mechanism, full speed traffic engineering; the other hand, focus on deepening the reform of institutional mechanisms for traffic , integration of urban and rural passenger transportation, so that people can enjoy Yiwu safe, convenient, comfortable and economical public transportation services for the construction of the international business city to provide more high quality, efficient transportation security.

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