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New Year Day Yiwu Hotel Recommended

New Year Day Yiwu Hotel Recommended

With the 2010 New Year's Day approaching, many choose to purchase Chamber of Commerce, Yiwu, tourism and shopping. Onccc reporter visited the major hotels, Yiwu learned Yiwu Hotel s that will not be New Year's Day three days a small holiday home prices to rise. So let's take a look Onccc well-prepared for everyone's New Year's Day Yiwu Hotel s big recommendation for reference only.

Huafeng Hotel, Yiwu trade -Jun-ting

Huafeng Hotel, Yiwu trade -Jun-ting from Zhejiang Narada hotel management company, a wholly owned investment and management, is located in Yiwu City , Airport Road (5 fork in the road), located in the bustling downtown central location. Location away from the terminal Binwang only 8 minutes drive from the Yiwu international trade city 10 minutes by car can be convenient to reach the commercial areas, transportation is very convenient.

Huafeng Hotel, Yiwu trade -Jun-Ting style decoration to integrate the essence of Southeast Asian culture and modern design concepts in one, a subtle and delicate at the same time has a different style characteristics of rooms, Chinese and Western restaurants, large and small meeting rooms, sauna and entertainment services, support services项目. Rich Southeast Asian style decoration, seals between the concise and flavor, body in which my sense of ease and pleasure, as your business, banquet, leisure, entertainment and an ideal choice.


Huafeng Hotel, Yiwu trade -Jun-ting comfortable rooms

Huafeng Hotel, Yiwu trade -Jun-ting bring you different kind of exotic; Yiwu, the first 85 degrees C strong coffee, cake baking shop landing, elegant, fashion is no longer the exclusive billionaires; taste exquisite, elegant and quiet, in order to You lived in well-built boutique hotel business. The hotel has the honor of the former had received Zhu Rongji, Wen Jiabao, and other party and state leaders. Today, when Premier Zhu stayed in the room is also well-kept as it was decorative style and layout, new facilities and equipment, new management, new service concept, to bring you new feelings and experience.

Yiwu Market

Yiwu Market Yiwu Markets are famous small commodity markets in the world. You can find All the commodity in Yiwu Market. [For more informattion click here]