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New Year

New Year

With the advent of New Year's Day, Yiwu enthusiasm for increasing tourist travel. Onccc reporter learned from Yiwu, a number of travel agencies understand that New Year's Day Yiwu Travel Market heating up. In particular, short-term hot springs tours, snow and ice travel and farm tour much public concern. So let's take a look at a New Year's Day highlights of the tourism market, Yiwu bar.

Yiwu travel from the consumer market point of view, in the short-term trips to Hangzhou Wild Animal Park Family Day Tours majority, as well as to participate in Suichang gold mine, hot springs are more Two-Day Tour.

Yiwu, several travel agencies will be available to ice and snow-based tourism activities. Because of the relatively recent departure from Yiwu, Ningbo Xikou, Anji, Liyang, Jiangsu and other places have built an artificial ski, which ski resorts are "assembled guests", and are placed under the "winter tourism Feast", and many ski resorts is also New Year's holiday special launch discount price promotion policy, scramble for Yiwu source.

Perhaps the winter, the mountain scenery varies. Day tour of Huangshan is also quietly explode. There are mountains to the Linan Dragon River day-trippers also many people up, the reasons for their choice is the beautiful natural scenery Dragon River, tourism process, can participate in grinding bean curd, beat pudding and other agricultural activities to experience farm life . Yiwu, a travel agency, according to the relevant person in charge of those tourism products would be able to account for half of the amount of Yiwu fat group.

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