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Chinese and foreign guests radiant ringing bells New Year Blessing

Chinese and foreign guests radiant ringing bells New Year Blessing

Last night, in the thick Jiang Ching Temple street, the peak and visitors crowd. Needle was pointing to 12:00, at nearly a thousand cheering Chinese and foreign guests, 108 melodious sound loud, vigorous and long-lasting bell, knocking the door of the 2010 New Year's, a symbol of the city people's wishes and happy life yearning for a better .

At the scene, to Yiwu to do business more than a year the U.S. businessmen RICHATD told reporters that an international trade city of Yiwu is the seat that he and other foreign friends, like, very popular here, business environment and the living environment, and he sincerely wished the people of Yiwu, the new the year peace and happiness.

It is understood that Ching Temple blessing traditional cultural activities have been ringing bells at four consecutive year for the first time outside the municipal approval of religious free and open, with the theme blessing mall well-being, people and music. Apart from New Year ringing bells and praying, the site also arranged for a welcome party, New Year's wish Xu, burning incense pray for peace and so on a variety of programs.

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