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Our Factory network


Our Factory network

we have more than 3000 qualified factories network which covered most kinds of products.  For the 3000 suppliers in our network, we have chosen & evaluated from all the suppliers which did business with us!

We have a comprehensive system to evaluate the suppliers.  The Qualified factory network comes the biggest advantage for us. through the Network. Our customers don’t need waste time and money to test the suppliers themselves for most of the products. 

For the products on our website. It’s just part of from
our qualified suppliers. If you need any products or
similar products. Just feel free to contact us! We can
always get the competitive price at the shortest time
from our qualified suppliers.

EJet Factory network

Success story

wesley I would say that without JASON / EJET I would not have the business I currently have due to their level of professionalism & commitment to providing excellent service at all times.